Thanks for registering your interest in joining the team at Float Level. The response to the newsletter was unexpected and overwhelming (over 60 emails received!) so I thought I’d put together a page describing in more detail what would be required to work at Float Level.

Below you’ll find a more detailed explanation of the role so if you are still interested, drop me a note with your CV and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

The main elements of the role are as follows:

Cleaning / Room Presentation

·       The bulk of the work at Float Level is fairly physical in nature. Cleanliness is the top priority. It is imperative that the centre remains clean and presentable throughout the day and, more importantly, that the pods and pod rooms are thoroughly wiped down and cleaned between sessions within a fairly narrow timeframe. Attention to detail is a must to ensure nothing is overlooked

Systems Management

·       You will be required to update membership and voucher usage trackers, take payments and update and create appointments. Everything must be accurately tracked so attention to detail and diligence is required

Time/Schedule Management

·       There are a large number of tasks to complete during the day. As such, it is crucial that employees work logically and efficiently through the tasks and plan out what needs to be done between sessions to ensure no delays

·       Additionally, it is important to ensure that the schedule remains unaffected so management of the float session durations is also a key task

Customer Service

·       A helpful, patient and warm approach with the customers is required. Most customers have never experienced floating before so employees should have good experience of floating to be able to speak with customers about their concerns pre-float and their overall experience in the pod post-float

Basic Water Maintenance

·       While the owner will continue to cover the more technical aspects of pod and water maintenance, employees will need to carry out some basic water maintenance tasks on a daily basis

Additionally, I am ideally looking for someone who:

·       Is punctual and reliable

·       Is orderly and conscientious

·       Is comfortable working and managing the centre on their own (initially before the extension is complete)

·       Has a keen eye for detail

·       Has a logical, common sense approach to the completion of tasks

·       Shows initiative and a willingness to improve personal performance

·       Is highly personable with a calm, patient approach to customer interaction

·       Is able to work quickly and efficiently

·       Is comfortable with the physical-emphasis of the work in a warm environment

·       Is a clear communicator not only with customers but with the owner to ensure all issues are shared and addressed in a punctual manner


Float Level is open 6 days a week, 12 hours per day. Ideally, days would be split into shifts (4 hours, 6 hours or 8 hours). There are breaks built into the schedule to enable changeovers to take place. It is envisaged that part-time employees would generally work 18 hours per week but this can be increased/decreased as necessary and the shifts covered can be relatively flexible to work around other commitments.


Initially part-time employees would earn £7.50 per hour with a view to this rising based on performance. Employees will also benefit from 2 free floats per month.

Start Date

Ideally I want to bring people on as soon as possible but I am limited as to when I can meet and train new starters. Currently the only time available for this would be Tuesday afternoons.

If you’re still interested in the role, please send an email with your CV to And please be patient! There are a lot of interested parties so it could take me a while to get through everything!!