Christmas Float Gift Card

So… the dilemma of what to buy your nearest and dearest this Christmas rears its head once again! You want to be sure that what you're giving won't end up gathering dust so what's the answer?

How about giving those close to you a completely unique and highly beneficial (not to mention deeply relaxing) experience? Lord knows, once Christmas and New Year are over, everyone needs some quality R&R and an hour in the pod is unrivaled for easing aches and pains and clearing the mind while providing the much-needed detox effect!

You can either purchase Physical Gift Cards for a beautifully presented and rewarding prezie for loved ones or an E-Voucher if you just want to treat yourself because it has been a long, old year!

Physical Gift Cards


Gift Cards are purchased via a ONE-OFF Direct Debit payment. This is not a recurring payment but a single charge for the price specified and will take 3-5 working days to process.


Single Float



A Perfectly Unique Gift

  • 1 X Float Gift Card
  • 1 X Greeting Card
  • 1 X Crisp White Envelope
  • Free P&P Included

Float With A Friend



A Great Gift For Couples

  • 2 X Float Gift Card
  • 2 X Greeting Card
  • 2 X Crisp White Envelope
  • Free P&P Included

Buy 2 Get 1 Free



Treat Friends & Family!

  • 3 X Float Gift Card
  • 3 X Greeting Card
  • 3 X Crisp White Envelope
  • Free P&P Included

Gift Card Purchasing and Delivery

Gift Cards will be sent out by post and are valid for one year. Last date for postal sales is Thursday 20th December to ensure cards are in the post for arrival before the big day.  

Please ensure you enter your postal address in the payment confirmation screen once you have completed your payment.

Online payment is made via a ONE-OFF Direct Debit Payment through the award-winning payment provider, GoCardless.


If you're looking to purchase the Christmas offer for yourself (and why wouldn't you?!), then an E-Voucher may be a better option. You can find the Buy 2, Get 1 Free offer in the 3-Float Pack category below alongside all of our normal E-Vouchers and these offers are available up until the big day if you need any last minute gifts!